Sustainability & Pro-Poor Market Development

Stimulating sustainable change in market systems that are important for the poor is challenging. Global case studies have shown for too long and too often development projects have little or no sustainability beyond their funding period.

AdLib Consulting is experienced in the M4P approach to private sector development achieving sizeable and sustainable change in markets that will ultimately benefit the poor either as entrepreneurs, workers or consumers.

Sustainability & Pro-Poor Market Development services:

  • Market Sector Analysis, Selection & Prioritisation
  • Identification of Market System Constraints
  • Development of Strategic Frameworks for M4P projects
  • Development of Private Sector Partnerships
  • Facilitating Systemic Change
  • Technical Assistance (sector specific)

Sustainability & Tourism

Everyone in the tourism industry has a responsibility to ensure that tourism is a force for good; and not just environmentally but also socially and economically.

AdLib Consulting is at the vanguard of Responsible Tourism working with all participants in the industry to ensure that the positive impacts of tourism out way the negative impacts.

Sustainability & Tourism services:

  • Responsible Tourism Policy & Planning
  • Triple Bottom Line Analysis
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Value Chain & Market Analysis
  • Development of Pro Poor Tourism Strategies
  • Sustainable Business Planning
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Capacity Building
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